To be the trustworthy and preferred option for all your care needs, whenever, wherever
Our mission is simple and clear: Yocura aims to help parents find easily the perfect baby-sitter for their children. Thanks to a multi-criteria search (location, experiences, languages spoken, and availability calendar) and thanks to the parents’ recommendations, Yocura gives your family all they need to find the perfect match!

Founded in 2016, Yocura is a platform that connects parents to verified sitters on demand.

Chang got the idea for Yocura because of his struggle to find a reliable and trustworthy sitter to watch his younger brother who has ADHD. The process of searching and interviewing various candidates lasted for about 6 weeks. This presented a serious challenge and Chang had to change his schedule to spend more time than anticipated in search for the right sitter.

As a brother, he felt there was a need for a babysitting service with truly excellent, professional child carers, which also had a clear and easy pricing structure – without prohibitively expensive membership fees. At Yocura, we believe that families deserve a better way to find the sitters they’re looking for; full-time, part-time or simply on demand.

Whether you are new in town, looking for a replacement, or simply needing one at the very last moment, finding the right sitter should be last of your worries. Hence began the process of building a product that we would be comfortable using ourselves. With only a few clicks, parents can find a great baby-sitter. Find the sitter that matches your family’s needs, who is already verified and available using Yocura.

You can download our app for iPhone and Android.

Meet Our Team

Chang Menon
Chang got the idea of Yocura when he was looking for someone trustworthy and reliable to take care of his younger brother, while attending college. While this is Chang’s first tech startup, he has been involved with two other companies from their infancy.
Angela Bagga
Content Writer
When not working, Angela enjoys reading, watching shows and writing in the 3rd person.